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The Loren R. Hakes Campfire Circle,
 dedicated in his memory on July 27, 2000, by the Massawepie Staff Alumni Association   A classic photograph of Loren with a cigar

The Massawepie Staff Alumni Association sponsored the new Pioneer Campfire Circle at Massawepie which has been dedicated to the memory of Loren R. Hakes, Massawepie's beloved and longtime Property Superintendent. The Association has raised funds for this project, and has done considerable volunteer work to complete the construction and landscaping of the new area.

Campfire Site Work

Many of the finishing touches were added during Beaver Weekend (June 1-3, 2001) . These included building new "picket-fence" style windbreaks behind fire ring, and spreading a large truckload of mulch around the entire area. The finished area looks great, and will be much appreciated by Massawepie campers this summer!

In 2000, during Fall Skills Weekend (Sept. 29 - Oct. 1) a crew of 10 worked very hard to move and rebuild the fire altars. These are now built with a solid interior base, leaving 24 feet of stage space and 12 feet in front of the first row of benches. The fire altars will be allowed to settle over the winter, and then will be completed in the spring. Another spring project will be to rebuild the campfire windbreaks, since we removed the temporary windbreaks.

At the top of the hill we put in a split rail fence, brought in topsoil for the area and planted pine trees. The old road was filled in with topsoil as well, with rocks placed and additional trees planted to discourage traffic. Projects for next spring's Skills Weekend include seeding the topsoil, additional planting of trees and ferns, mulching the hill to prevent erosion, and final clean-up including removal of downed trees.

Many thanks to all those who helped with the project! Thanks also to Don DeClerck and Jay Bailey for supplying the equipment and materials that we needed to get the job done! And a big thank you to Mike Compter who kept us well fed!

Pictures (courtesy of Don Whitcomb) from the Fall, 2000 Skills Weekend Site Work:
(Click on small image to see larger picture)
Fall Skills Picture #1 (108K) Fall Skills Picture #2 (123K) Fall Skills Picture #3 (107K) Fall Skills Picture #4 (114K)

Campfire Memorial Fundraising

We're pleased to report that our fundraising efforts are also coming along nicely. To date we have collected over $20,950 toward the $22,000 goal, or 95%+ of the goal! If you've contributed, THANKS! If not, we could still use your help in raising the final 5%.

If you'd like to contribute, mail your check (payable to Otetiana Council) to:
Loren R. Hakes Memorial Campfire Circle
c/o Don DeClerck, Camp Cutler
7131 Gulick Rd.
Naples, NY 14512
Please write "Loren R. Hakes Memorial Fund" in the memo of your check or money order.

For more information, e-mail us or call Chuck Levengood in the Otetiana Council Finance Department at 716-241-8570.

The new Loren Hakes Campfire Circle is located on Massawepie Lake, in the same place as the earlier Camp Pioneer Campfire Circle. This photo is from the 1950's

Pioneer Campfire, 1950's (35K)

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