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Massawepie Photographs from the 1950's

Notes: Thanks to Jim Whitcomb for the early aerial photo, to Bill Adams (formerly of Troop 154) for many of the camp photos from 1952 and 1953, and to Chuck Burgdorf for sharing his family's photos of Massawepie year-around. File sizes are given only for images over 50K.

1950 or
Aerial Photo of Massawepie property Aerial Photo Close-up of Pioneer area, labelled later showing some specific sites
Entrance sign showing "Massawepie - W.L. Sykes - Private" (97K)
1951: Capital Campaign report dinner, November, 1951 (87K)
1952: Ruins of an hotel building Demolition of hotel servants' quarters (in Pioneer Parade Field)
Bus Caravan loading 1952 Pioneer Staff (107K)
Construction of Pioneer Dining Hall (103K) Medical Checks outside Health Lodge in old cottage
Pioneer Nature "Lodge" in a tent (92K) Wall Tents at a troop site in Pioneer field
Scout in tent in Troop 154 site, Camp Pioneer Another Scout in tent in troop site, Camp Pioneer
Car near troop site in Camp Pioneer field Construction of the Mountaineer(?) Dining Hall, 1952?
Scouts in some of 48 new canoes (Rochester Times-Union photo, 59K) Kitchen staff member with too many dishes to wash! (Newspaper photo)
Sign at Massawepie Camp entrance, with Troop 106 Scouts (Newspaper photo)
1953: New Mountaineer Dining Hall in March, 1953 (Newspaper photo) Construction of the Pioneer Nature Lodge
Ed Bruso (L) and Harley Burgdorf by new superintendent's residence with beavers trapped at Massawepie, Spring, 1953 Harley Burgdorf with rows of beaver pelts by new shop, Spring, 1953
Preparing to burn the Park House, May 16, 1953 at 9:00 a.m. Smoke coming from the Park House windows, 5/16/53 at 9:05 a.m.
Park House and rear shop burning, 5/16/53 at 9:10 a.m. Major smoke plume rises from the Park House, 5/16/53 at 9:15 a.m.
Park House fully engulfed, 5/16/53 at 9:20 a.m. Park House collapsing, 5/16/53 at 9:30 a.m.
Scouts marching to Mountaineer flag ceremony More Scouts marching to Mountaineer flag ceremony
Troop 154 Leaders headed to flag ceremony Mountaineer Flagpole by Dining Hall
Scouts at flag ceremony outside the Mountaineer Dining Hall Scouts walking by the Mountaineer Dining Hall (Newspaper photo, 57K)
Front of Mountaineer Dining Hall Scouts waiting in line by the Mountaineer Dining Hall
Inside the Mountaineer Dining Hall Entrance of Mountaineer Waterfront
Scouts at Mountaineer Waterfront Mountaineer Swimming Dock
Boats on Mountaineer Beach Fox in pen at Mountaineer Nature Lodge
Mountaineer Trading Post Tent in Troop 154 site at Mountaineer
Tarp structure in Troop 154 site Campfire circle in Troop 154 site
Color guard in Troop 154 site Folding the Troop 154 flag in site
Mountaineer Retreat Ceremony (58K) Boats on Pioneer Beach with Swim Dock in background (Newspaper photo, 59K)
Scouts practice paddling in front of Pioneer boat dock (Newspaper photo, 76K) Rows of canoes on Pioneer beach (Newspaper photo, 59K)
1955: Chuck Burgdorf logging at Massawepie, February, 1955:    Photo 1    Photo 2 Snow pile from roof of Pioneer Handicraft Lodge (former hotel casino) February, 1955
Lake trout caught by Fred Wellington's son from Massawepie Lake, Spring, 1955
1956: Four men shoveling snow off roof of Pioneer Dining Hall Snow pile from roof of Pioneer Dining Hall
1956 Pioneer Staff (101K)
1959: Postcard of Mountaineer Waterfront (postmarked 1959) Elgin Deering, Reservation Director, in front of central camp office (Newspaper photo)
Two of the Queen Anne cottages from the hotel, just south of the Pioneer parade field (60K) Demolition of old hotel cottage
1950's Postcard of Trail Campsite (68K) 1950's Postcard of Flag Ceremony at Mountaineer
Buses by Pioneer Bus Field, 1950's Campfire at Pioneer Campfire Circle, 1950's
Director's Cabin (Cabin #1, late 1950's) donated by Davenport Hatch Foundation (107K) Fred Wellington with Scouts at outpost, 1950's (124K)
Chapel, 1950's or 1960's (81K) Chapel, 1950's or 1960's (Newspaper photo)
Scout by former hotel cottage, later George Sykes cabin, just above current Loren Hakes Campfire Circle in Camp Pioneer (61K)

The information on this page is as complete and accurate as is currently known. Any corrections or additions are welcome, as are other tidbits of Massawepie History. Send them to Peter Collinge (see below, or mail to 77 Tall Oak Lane, Pittsford, NY 14534).

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