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Scenes from "New" Camp Pioneer

After a $1+ million renovation, Camp Pioneer reopened for the 2000 summer season. The dedication ceremony was held on Thursday, July 27, 2000. Click on the labels below to see pictures of the renovated Camp Pioneer and its new buildings. All images are less than 100K unless otherwise noted. Thanks to all of the photographers!

New Trek Building field near Catholic Chapel (6/00, P.Collinge) New Sports Building in field in front of Cabin Row (6/00, P.Collinge)
New Scoutmaster Training Lodge near Pioneer Waterfront (6/00, P.Collinge) View of new Troop Sites near new Upper Showerhouse (6/00, P.Collinge)
New Econ Building in Upper Pioneer near White Trail to Mountaineer (6/00, P.Collinge) Site for future new Chapel, below Econ Building looking toward Massawepie Lake (6/00, P.Collinge)
Loren Hakes Campfire Circle (8/00, Joe Varga) Flag ceremony at new flagpole (8/00, Joe Varga)
Tom Eggiman supervising at Shotgun Range (8/00, Joe Varga) Sports Pavilion w/ Mountain Bikes
(8/00, Joe Varga)
Order of the Arrow Teepee (8/00, Joe Varga) Trek Building (8/00, Joe Varga)
Waterfront and Tower (8/00, Joe Varga) Camp Entrance at Route 3 (8/00, Joe Varga)
Blowdown area on White Trail near Mountaineer Director's Cabin (8/00, Joe Varga) View across Massawepie Lake toward Pontiac Point (8/00, Joe Varga)
View across Massawepie Lake toward Pioneer and Mt. Matumbla (8/00, Joe Varga) Camp Office Building (8/00, Joe Varga)
Rifle Range (at Mountaineer)
(8/00, Joe Varga)
Original Camp Pioneer Development Plan for Massawepie Improvement Project (137K)
Color Map of Camp Pioneer - 6/2001
(George Varga, 192K)
Chainsaw "Massawepie Beaver" Sculpture on porch of Scoutmaster Lounge (7/02, David Lippitt)
Camp Pioneer Chapel (between Econ Building and Massawepie Lake, 2004, Wayne Sheeler) Shore of Massawepie Lake (2004, Wayne Sheeler)
Ladyslipper flower (2004, Wayne Sheeler)

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