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Providing Spirit, Service and Support
December 2000

Officers: Kathy Elliott, President; Mark Pulvino, Vice-President; Jim Stahl, Secretary; David Lippitt, Treasurer; Staff Advisor: Don DeClerck; Other Executive Committee Members: Peter Collinge, Brett Elliott

Welcome to the first edition of the Massawepie Staff Alumni Association Newsletter. The Alumni Association was created a year ago at the suggestion of several former staff members. It now has over 40 members, a web site and "spirit, service and support" activities planned. We hope this twice-a-year newsletter will be informative and keep you up-to-date as to past and new activities of the Association.

Visit us on the Internet!! Pete Collinge has the Association's web site up and running. It has the Alumni Association registration form, as well as information about past activities, future activities, and Massawepie history. The address:

Contact us by e-mail at:
You can also write to us at:
    Massawepie Staff Alumni Association
    c/o Don DeClerck
    Camp Cutler
    7131 Gulick Rd.
    Naples, NY 14512
Or you can call Don DeClerck at 716-374-5770.

The more, the merrier. If you know someone who is over age 18 and a former Massawepie Staff member (either paid or volunteer) encourage them to join. Annual dues are only $10. The registration application can be found on our web site, or can be sent to you by contacting us by e-mail, letter or telephone.


January Happy Hour(s)!!
Celebrate the New Year with "old" friends! On Thursday, January 25, 2001 we will be getting together at Chi Chi's Restaurant on Jefferson Road (near Market Place Mall). 5:00 p.m. is the starting time. The munchies are on the Alumni Association (figuratively, not literally), the rest is up to you. In addition to sharing camp memories, we can talk about Massawepie's 50th anniversary in 2002. (See Support Section, below). Please let us know if you will be joining us on January 25th by sending us an e-mail or contacting us at our address or phone number. Hope to see you there.

Other Future Events
We will also be getting together again at Massawepie on Beaver Weekend next summer. We hope to see you there on the weekend of June 1-3, 2001.

Last Summer
Our first get-together occurred at Beaver Weekend last summer. About 20 former staff members got together at the new Trek Lodge to talk about the Association and its activities.

Fall Picnic/Clambake
On September 23rd of this year, the Alumni Association held its first annual Fall Family Picnic/Clambake at Powder Mills Park in Rochester. About 35 people enjoyed a great afternoon of fellowship, fun and superb food. There were also a lot of great stories and pictures. Don DeClerck even put up a hook and a ring on a string so former staff members could experience the feel of a night-off at outpost D. Thanks to all who made it a great success. We look forward to doing it again next year!


Loren Hakes Campfire Circle
The Staff Alumni Association has been raising funds towards the new Pioneer Campfire Circle. The Campfire Circle was dedicated last summer as a gift from the Alumni Association in the memory of Loren R. Hakes, Massawepie's beloved and long time camp superintendent. To date, over 30 people have contributed in excess of $15,500, more than two-thirds of the $22,000 goal. We are still accepting donations for the Campfire Circle. Please mail your donation to the Alumni Association address listed in the "How To Contact Us" section of this newsletter. Checks should be made out to Otetiana Council and note "Loren Hakes Campfire Circle" on the check.

Massawepie's 50th Anniversary
Summer 2002 will be Massawepie's 50th Anniversary!! It's less than a year and six months away, and the celebration for this significant event is yet to be planned. The Council has offered the Alumni Association the opportunity to take the lead in planning this event. We think it's a great idea and want to get your thoughts, ideas and input. We plan to talk about this opportunity at our January 25th get-together. (See Spirit Section, above). You can also e-mail or write us with your comments.


Last Summer
Last Beaver Weekend members of the Association stained and painted the Pioneer Trading Post. Others helped put up the support structure for the tarp at the Mountain Bike/Field Sports building.

Last Fall
The Association has undertaken the project of completing improvements to the Loren Hakes Campfire Circle. During Fall Skills Weekend a crew of 10 worked very hard to move and rebuild the fire altars. These are now built with a solid interior base, leaving 24 feet of stage space and 12 feet between the first row of benches and the fire altars themselves. The fire altars will be allowed to settle over the winter and will be completed next spring.

A split rail fence was put in at the top of the hill, topsoil was brought in for the area and pine trees were planted. The old road was filled in with topsoil as well, with rocks placed and additional trees planted to discourage traffic. Brush, large rocks and tree stumps that were left over from the construction were also moved. Many thanks to all those who helped with the project, we couldn't have accomplished it without you!!

Next Summer
On Spring Skills Weekend (May 18-20, 2001) we will be rebuilding the temporary wind breaks at the Campfire Circle. Other projects for the area next Skills Weekend and Beaver Weekend (June 1-3, 2001) include completing the topsoil and seeding of the old road, additional planting of trees and ferns, additional clean up of downed trees, completing the fire altars, and mulching the hill to reduce erosion. If you can join us for either or both of these weekends, or need more information, please contact us by e-mail, letter or telephone.

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