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Massawepie Memorabilia from the 1990's

Click on an item below to see memorabilia from Massawepie's history. Thanks to Rob Cunningham for supplying some of these images. Note that Massawepie was part of the Adirondack Scout Reservation (ASR) from 1990-1998. Image sizes are less than 100K unless otherwise noted.
1990 ASR patch 1991 ASR Honor Troop Pennant
1991 ASR Patch 1992 ASR Patch
1992 ASR Patch Set 1992 Massawepie 40th Anniversary Patch
May, 1993 Ty-Ohni OA Lodge Massawepie Work Weekend Patch 1993 ASR Patch
1993 ASR Honor Troop Ribbon ASR Early Bird Patch 1994
1994 ASR Patch 1995 ASR Patch
1996 ASR Patch 1996 ASR Backpatch (62K)
Set of two 1996 ASR Patches (123K) 1997 Ty-Ohni OA/ASR "Brotherhood & Service" flap
1997 ASR Patch 1997 ASR Staff Patch
1997 ASR Trek Patch 1997 ASR Polar Bear Patch
Set of four 1997 ASR Patches (136K) 1998 Ty-Ohni OA/ASR "Arrowmen on staff" flap
1998 ASR patch 1998 Massawepie green pin with beaver
New Nov., 2004: 1998 Polar Bear patch ASR belt buckle
ASR Honor Pennant, blue on white felt ASR Honor Pennant, white on green nylon
ASR logo sticker ASR mug
ASR Polar Bear patch ASR "Super Soggy Trail Award" (SSTA) patch
ASR Trail Blazer (first year camper) patch ASR/Massawepie/Adirondack Treks loon outline patch (1988-present)
1999 Camp Mountaineer Patch Massawepie Treks patch
Massawepie Super Soggy Trail Award (SSTA) Patch, 1999-2003

The information on this page was gathered as part of a Massawepie History project in preparation for Massawepie's 50th Anniversary in 2002. This information is as complete and accurate as is currently known. Any corrections or additions are welcome, as are other tidbits of Massawepie History. Send them to Peter Collinge (see below, or mail to 77 Tall Oak Lane, Pittsford, NY 14534).

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