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Massawepie Memorabilia from the 1980's

Thanks to Jeff Wight, Bill Boyle, Rob Cunningham, David Contant, Bob Lewis, and Dave Henry (and to eBay) for some of the images on this page! Image sizes are less than 50K unless otherwise noted.
1980 Early Bird Patch 1980 Massawepie Backpatch
New June, 2003: 1980 Camp Forester Patch (square, blue w/ red border, bear near shore) 1980 Camp Mountaineer Patch (square, brown border
1980(?) Rubber Rafting Patch (rectangle, red border) New June, 2003: 1980 Neckerchieves (yellow with 1970-era beaver logo)
Standard version     CIT version
New June, 2003: 1981 Reservation Patch (square, blue w/ Indian canoeing into sun) 1981 Reservation Backpatch (green w/yellow canoe)
1981 Camp Forester Patch (yellow square w/red axe) 1981 Camp Mountaineer Patch
New June, 2003: 1981 Camper Neckerchief (tan with green lettering, traditional beaver logo) New June, 2003: 1981 Camp Forester Mug w/ 1980 Forester patch logo
1982 Massawepie Early Bird Patch 1982 Massawepie Reservation Patch (green rectangle w/map, "30 Years of Adventure")
1982 Camp Forester Patch 1982 Camp Mountaineer Patch
1982 Neckerchieves (showing green rectangular reservation "map" patch)
Standard version (58K)     Staff version (58K)
New June, 2003: 1982 Mugs showing camp patch logos
Forester mug     Mountaineer mug
1983 Early Bird Patch 1983 Reservation Patch (white rectangle with canoe-camping scene)
1983 Camp Forester Patch 1983 Camp Mountaineer Patch
1983 Neckerchieves (showing white rectangular reservation "canoe camping" patch)
Standard version     Staff version (56K)
1984 Early Bird Patch
New June, 2003: 1984 Reservation Patch (3" round, blue with beaver) 1984 Reservation Backpatch (5" round, blue with beaver)
1984 Camp Forester Trillium Patch 1984 Camp Mountaineer Patch
1984 Neckerchieves (showing blue round reservation "beaver" patch)
New June, 2003: Standard version     Staff version
1984 Mugs (showing 1984 patch logos)
Reservation mug     New June, 2003: Forester (trillium) mug
Set of 1985 Massawepie Patches (89K) 1985 Early Bird Patch
1985 Reservation Patch (yellow Diamond Jubilee triangle)
1985 Camp Forester Patch (triangle with red ax) 1985 Camp Mountaineer Patch (triangle with hiker)
1985 Neckerchief (64K) New June, 2003: 1985 Diamond Jubilee "Beaver Corps" Thanks Mug
New June, 2003: 1985 Diamond Jubilee "Thank You" Mug with 1985 Reservation patch logo Set of 1986 Massawepie Patches (62K)
1986 Early Bird Patch 1986 Reservation Backpatch (81K, repeat from late 60's)
1986 Camp Forester Patch 1986 Camp Mountaineer Patch
Set of 1987 Massawepie Patches 1987 Reservation Patch
1987 Camp Forester Patch 1987 Camp Mountaineer Patch
Conservation Corps Patch, 1987 Adirondack Adventure Area Patch, 1987
New June, 2003: 1987 "Beaver Corps" Thanks Mug (beaver w/ shovel) New June, 2003: 1987 Massawepie Logo Plastic Travel Mug
1988 "The Adventure Begins" Patch Trek Loon Outline Patch (54K, 1988 - present)
Set of 1989 Massawepie Patches 1989 Reservation Patch
1989 Camp Forester Patch 1989 Camp Mountaineer Patch
New July, 2003: 1989(?) Trailblazer Patch 1980's Honor Troop Pennant
Another 1980's Honor Troop Pennant  

The information on this page is as complete and accurate as is currently known. Any corrections or additions are welcome, as are other tidbits of Massawepie History. Send them to Peter Collinge (see below, or mail to 77 Tall Oak Lane, Pittsford, NY 14534).

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