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Massawepie Memorabilia from the 1970's

Thanks to Dave Henry, Dave Polansky, John Van Griethuysen, Greg Nickason, Jeff Wight, and Bill Boyle (and to eBay) for some of the images on this page! Image sizes are less than 100K unless otherwise noted.
1971 Yellow Neckerchief with "modern" beaver
Standard version     Staff version
New June, 2003: Mugs, 1970(?) with blue round logo with deer
Mountaineer mug     Voyageur mug
Set of 1972 Camp Patches New June, 2003: Four mugs: showing 1972-74 patch logos
Camp Forester Patch, 1972 (round, orange w/red tent) Camp Mountaineer Patch, 1972 (round, yellow w/rowboat on lake)
Camp Voyageur Patch, 1972 (round, blue w/sailboat and canoe on lake) Neckerchief (20th Anniversary), 1972
Camper version     Staff version     CIT version
New August, 2003: Temporary 1972 Neckerchief (modified 1971 neckerchief until actual 1972's arrived)      CIT version Forester Staff Neckerchief, 1972 (black & white checked)
Camp Forester Patch, 1973 (round, green with bear) Camp Mountaineer Patch, 1973 (round, orange with alpinist)
Camp Voyageur Patch, 1973 (blue w/orange lettering, canoe overhead, "WWW") Mugs, 1973(?) with 1973 camp patch logos
New June, 2003: Forester mug     Voyageur mug
Neckerchief (green, showing 3 camp patch designs), 1973
Standard version      Staff version     CIT version
Reservation Patch, 1974 (blue w/map)
Camp Forester Patch, 1974 (square w/rainbow) Camp Mountaineer Patch, 1974
Camp Voyageur Patch, 1974 (arch-shaped) Neckerchief (pink), 1974      
Camper version (114K)     New August, 2003: Staff version     CIT version
New June, 2003: Mugs, 1974(?) with 1974 camp patch logos
Forester mug     Voyageur mug
Reservation patch, 1975 ("Great Adventure", semi-circular)
Camp Forester Patch, 1975 (oval) Camp Mountaineer Patch, 1975 (oval)
Camp Voyageur Patch, 1975 Raquette River Rubber Raft Run patch (1975-76?, green raft, red border)
Yellow "Great Adventure" Neckerchief (w/fish jumping), 1975      
Camper version     Staff version     CIT version
Leader Mug, 1975 (stein shape, w/1974 reservation map logo)
Survival patch, (1975-78?, black background with orange edge) Set of 4 Camp Patches, 1976
Reservation Patch, 1976, "The Great Adventure" (large rectangle with red sun) Forester Patch, 1976 (rectangle with Native American by fire)
Mountaineer Patch, 1976 (rectangle with tents under red sun) Pioneer/Voyageur Patch (blue strip w/landscape), 1976
New August, 2003: Blue Massawepie Map Neckerchief (w/1974 patch logo), 1976      
Camper version     Staff version     CIT version
25th Anniversary Reservation BackPatch (square, beaver on gold field, silver 25 and border), 1977
Beaver Weekend Patch (arch-shaped, beaver, silver border), 1977 Camp Forester Patch (square, 3 bears, silver border), 1977
Camp Mountaineer Patch (square, tent by lake, silver border), 1977 Camp Pioneer Patch (square, campsite by birches, silver border), 1977
Raquette River Rubber Raft Run patch, 1977 25th Anniversary Neckerchief (white w/silver & logo), 1977
Camper version   New August, 2003: Staff version    New August, 2003: CIT version
25th Anniversary Staff Reunion Patch, 1977 "Camp Vigor at Massawepie" 1977 Patch
1978 Eager Beaver Patch Reservation Patch, 1978, (round, white with green lettering)
Camp Forester Patch, 1978 Camp Mountaineer Patch, 1978
Massawepie Neckerchief, 1978 (shows patch designs)
Camper version     CIT version
26th Anniversary Reunion Patch (1978)
1978 Mountaineer Mug (with 1977 Mountaineer patch logo) 26th Staff Reunion Patch (1978?)
1979 Eager Beaver Patch 1979 Reservation Backpatch (rectangular, w/campsite and animals by pond)
Camp Forester Patch, 1979 Camp Mountaineer Patch, 1979
Massawepie Camper Neckerchief 1979 Wilderness Survival patch, 1979
Postcard of Forester Scouts around Sheepherder stove (1970's?) Postcard of Scouts backpacking (1970's?)
New July, 2003: Troop Leader Mug (1970's?)  

The information on this page is as complete and accurate as is currently known. Any corrections or additions are welcome, as are other tidbits of Massawepie History. Send them to Peter Collinge (see below, or mail to 77 Tall Oak Lane, Pittsford, NY 14534).

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