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Massawepie Memorabilia from the 1950's and 1960's

Thanks to Ron Cunningham, Jim Kunkel, Tim Mee, and Jeff Wight (and to eBay) for some of the images on this page! Note: Image sizes are less than 100K unless otherwise noted.
1951 Fund Drive Team Card from Freeman Boyer Beaver Logo Drawing, undated (141K)
1952 Massawepie Pennant 1952 Massawepie Pennant signed by 6 staff members
1952 Massawepie Neckerchief (blue on white) 1952 Leather Massawepie Neckerchief Slide
   Entire slide    Close-up
Letter home from Bill Adams, postmarked 7/1/52, showing original Massawepie letterhead and envelope
   Letter    Envelope
Letter home from Bill Adams, July, 1952, on Scout stationery
   Front side    Reverse side
1953-54 Massawepie Neckerchief (red, yellow, & blue)
   1953 Staff Neckerchief
New November, 2004: 1954 Felt Massawepie Patch (yellow)
Patch from 1954 Area IIe conclave at Massawepie 1954 Tomahawk District Commissioners Weekend Neckerchief
1955 Felt Massawepie Patch 1956-? "Massawepie Camps, B.S.A." Patch (arch-shaped, w/ beaver eating tree on white background)
1956 Plaque for Voyageur "Head Waiter" James Ludwig 1958-59 neckerchieves (brown beaver with tail ending in word "council")
   Camper version, green w/brown lettering & trim
      Note: tip of beaver tail has alternating colors
   Camp Voyageur Staff version, tan w/dark blue lettering & light blue trim
1959 Massawepie Outstanding Camper Patch Postcard of Mountaineer Waterfront (postmarked 1959)
1950's Postcard of Flag Ceremony at Mountaineer 1950's Postcard of Scouts outside the Pioneer Dining Hall
1950's Postcard of Scouts on the Pioneer Beach 1950's Postcard of Scouts in a campsite
1950's Massawepie Pennant (green) 1950's/1960's Massawepie ceramic beaver mugs (3) with tan and with green lettering
1950's Massawepie beaver ceramic mug with tan lettering 1950's/1960's Massawepie beaver ceramic saucer with green lettering
1950's/1960's Massawepie beaver decal with tan lettering 1950's/1960's Massawepie beaver mug with gold lettering
1950's/1960's (?) Massawepie Outstanding Camper green felt patch 1950's/1960's Massawepie rockers
1950's/1960's Neckerchief Slide (green, with "Massawepie Camps, Otetiana") 1950's/1960's Massawepie "Neal" company brown plastic beaver neckerchief slide
1950's/1960's Diamond-shaped "Mossawe Pie" staff hat patch 1960 Neckerchief (gray w/blue beaver with tail ending in word "council"):
   Camp Mountaineer Staff Version (red-brown lettering, yellow trim)
   Camp Pioneer Staff Version (red-brown lettering, red trim)
Neckerchief from 1960 Area IIe conclave at Massawepie 1961-64 Neckerchief with Massawepie Map including "Boat Tree Pond":
   Camper Version (light green with brown lettering & beaver, green trim)
   Full View     Map View
   Staff Version (gray w/red beaver & lettering, green trim)
1965 Felt Massawepie Backpatch (apparently discontinued because colors tended to run when wet) Mid 1960's Massawepie Belt Buckle
1965-68 Tan Neckerchief with Massawepie Map including "Boot Tree Pond", beaver with orange paddle labelled "Massawepie":
   Camper Version (brown trim)    Full View
   Staff Version (red trim)    Scoutmaster Version (black trim)
Mid-1960's Reservation Patch (White 3" round w/red trim, Beaver, says "Rochester & Monroe Co. N.Y.")
Patch from 1969 Bedford District Camporee at Massawepie 1969 Reservation Backpatch (Blue w/Deer)
1969 Sticker with Reservation Logo (Blue w/Deer) 1969-1970 White Neckerchief with green trim and "modernized" beaver       Scout Version       Staff Version
1969 CIT Neckerchief 1969 Aquatics Specialty Troop Neckerchief (White w/blue trim and black letter A)
Late 1960's Massawepie Camp Leader Mug with modernized beaver Late 1960's T-shirt with modernized beaver
Late 1960's Massawepie Pennant with modernized beaver 1960's Postcard of Aerial Photo of Massawepie
1960's Postcard of Trail Campsite

The information on this page is as complete and accurate as is currently known. Any corrections or additions are welcome, as are other tidbits of Massawepie History. Send them to Peter Collinge (see below, or mail to 77 Tall Oak Lane, Pittsford, NY 14534).

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