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Documents from Massawepie's History Before 1948

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Description of Hotel Childwold from Adirondack Lodges, 1892 Flyer for start of service on the Adirondack & St. Lawrence Railway, 7/15/1892:   Announcement   Schedule     (Trains ran N from Childwold Station and S from the Fulton Chain - the middle section of the railroad was not completed until 10/12/1892)
Letter (and envelope) on Childwold Park House stationery, sent to Malone and postmarked at Massawepie on June 17, 1895 Advertising Handbill for the Childwold Park House, 1890's(?)
2/12/1898 obituary of Addison Child (d.1/23/98) Hotel Childwold Brochure circa 1900:   Cover   Page 1   Pages 2-3   Pages 4-5   Pages 6-7   Pages 8-9   Pages 10-11   Map (pages 12-13)   Pages 14-15   Pages 16-17   Pages 18-19   Pages 20-21   Page 22-23  
From the Adirondack Museum archives:
Hotel Childwold Floor Plan
Hotel Childwold Lunch/Dinner Menu for Thursday, August 13, 1903
Hotel Childwold Wine List Mohawk Peter (Cornhill Publishing, Boston, 1921) was written by Henry G. Dorr, who apparently took over the Hotel Childwold after Addison Child's death. This 7-page summary in PDF format includes the tale of the origin of the name "Pontiac Point".
1921 brochure for Camp Mas-sa-we-pie, run by St. John's School, Manlius (Part 1):   Cover   Page 1   Page 2   Page 3   Page 4   Page 5   Page 6   Page 7   Page 8   Page 9   Page 10   Page 11   Page 12   1921 brochure for Camp Mas-sa-we-pie, run by St. John's School, Manlius (Part 2):   Page 13   Page 14   Page 15   Page 16   Page 17   Page 18   Page 19   Page 20   Page 21   Page 22   Page 23   Page 24  
1929 Syracuse Herald newspaper article about abandoned Hotel Childwold
Page 1   Page 2, with photo
Newspaper article about impending demolition of Hotel Childwold, 1946
New October, 2002: Grasse River Railroad Timetable #53, effective 9/24/1933:   Schedule   Map Article about Childwold's origin in 1878 and history, from the Tupper Lake Free Press and Herald (date unknown)
Article about the Military Road built in the early 1800's near Massawepie, from the Tupper Lake Free Press and Herald (date unknown).    Note:  The article erroneously states that Burntbridge Pond is on Massawepie property.
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The information on this page was gathered as part of a Massawepie History project for Massawepie's 50th Anniversary in 2002. This information is as complete and accurate as is currently known. Any corrections or additions are welcome, as are other tidbits of Massawepie History. Send them to Peter Collinge (see below, or mail to 77 Tall Oak Lane, Pittsford, NY 14534).

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