For Massawepie’s 50th Anniversary in 2002

Next summer will be Massawepie’s 50th anniversary as a Scout camp (1952-2002). As part of special celebrations planned by the Massawepie Staff Alumni Association, we are looking for a design for the 2002 camp patch. This design may also be used as the anniversary logo on other camp items, such as mugs and T-shirts.

Entries should include colors, dimensions, and shape of the patch. All entries must, at a minimum, include references to: Massawepie, 50th Anniversary, and 1952-2002. The patch border should be gold-colored. Design Suggestion: Keep it relatively simple, so that the lettering and any images are large enough to read clearly on a relatively small patch.

         30th Anniversary Patch from 1982          40th Anniversary Patch from 1992

Entries are due to the Otetiana Council Servicenter by December 14, 2001. The winner will receive 50% off the one-week fee for attending Massawepie in 2002, or a $50 gift certificate from the Otetiana Council Scout Shop.


Submit design by Dec. 14 to: Massawepie 50th Anniversary Patch Design Contest
     c/o Otetiana Council, 474 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

Name ______________________________________________________________________

Unit _______________________ District _______________________________________

Home Address _______________________________________________________________

City, State, & Zip ____________________________________________________________

Home Phone ________________ E-mail if you use it regularly __________________________

NOTE: Entries become the property of Otetiana Council, and will not be returned. The winning design becomes the property of Otetiana Council and may be used on camp items at the discretion of the council. Designs may be modified to meet size and printing needs.